Wrong order leads to Burger King brawl, former employees say

Two former employees are speaking out after they were fired over a Burger King brawl. They say the man who threw the first punch kept his job.

Tramonee Hutchison and Syncere Adams tell Fox46 Charlotte the fight started over a messed up order that escalated and was caught on camera by a customer. It happened Sunday night at the Burger King on Nations Ford Road.

“I feel like I got fired for no reason,” said Hutchison. “I feel like my cousin got fired for no reason. And I feel like a grown man has no right to put his hands on a 16-year-old boy.”

LINK: Burger King brawl: Fight in drive-through window caught on video by customer

The two cousins started working at Burger King in December. They say they never had problems with the other employee involved in the fight until Sunday night.

“I started getting frustrated because she kept yelling and cursing at me in Spanish,” said Adams. They say the older employee believed Adams was disrespectful to the female customer. That’s when fists started to fly. “He came over and tried to choke me and after he tried to choke me.”

Hutchinson says she was on break when the brawl broke out and was fired for calling the police. Now they want charges filed.

“I felt like that was wrong!”

We should also note they say the man who threw the first punch and kept his job is married to the manager. The cousins are grandchildren to the general manager at that Burger King.