York Co. deputies train to use Narcan to save people from opioid overdoses

Across South Carolina Narcan has been used on 17 people since first responders were told they would have to carry the drug.

Out of those 17, 16 people have been saved.

"I’ve actually seen it, probably three months ago, a lady had overdosed on some oxycodone and when they hit her with the drug she actually woke right up. Before then she was on the edge of death," York County Sheriff Deputy Sergeant Alex Clark said.

The York County Sheriff Office said they're continuously training their officers to know how to use the drug.

Sheriff Kevin Tolson said it's necessary when York County is in the top ten counties in South Carolina for opioid abuse.

“Drug use is up. Drug dealing is up. We've seen nationwide an uptick not just heroin but opioids in general," Sheriff Tolson said.

Narcan can be used to counter heroin overdoses and any opioid overdose, not just heroin

"Narcan is a very safe drug to us. It's safe to use on children. It’s safe to use on adults, It's even safe to use on dogs," Sgt. Clark said.

York County deputies will now carry two cases of the Narcan nasal spray version. Usually, deputies arrive on scene minutes before EMS can administer Narcan. Sheriff Tolson said the drug will help save lives.

“If we can save a life by being there, in the meantime, we are there sooner than what EMS is. We got this drug on hand to go ahead and administer. Minutes do count," Sheriff Tolson said.