York County FedEx worker makes heartwarming stop for woman with sick husband

A York County FedEx worker with a big heart is going viral after she posted an emotional video telling the story of a stop she didn't have to make that changed her and another woman's entire day. 

Amanda Riggan says she was on her usual route delivering packages when she met a woman who was out grabbing her newspaper. She had two boxes for the woman and walked them up to the door with her. 

As they walked, they chatted about their holidays and how they were doing. That's when the woman told Amanda, through tears, that she hadn't had a good Christmas.

"She said 'he's sick, my husband is sick. He has cancer.'"

Amanda continued to talk with the woman, gave her the packages and continued on her route. But she says something told her to go back to that house. 

"I do about 20 more stops and I have to go back," Amanda said. "I stopped what I was doing, I went back to that neighborhood and rang her doorbell." 

Later on in the video, Amanda says she felt that God was trying to work through her to help the woman in a time of need. 

"She had tears in her eyes and when she saw it was me she smiled. And I said 'ma'am can I pray with you?'" said Amanda. "She just broke down. She came out to the front porch and she squeezed me so tight-- this lady I'd never met." 

Amanda prayed with the woman on the front porch, wishing her and her family well. 

"She held my hand so tight, and I prayed for her and her family and her and her husband." 

Amanda went on to encourage people to take action if they feel there is something they can do for another person. She says wants others to 'move their feet' when they feel a tug on the heartstrings. 

"If you're praying for the Lord to help and to use you in people's situations, when he is giving you a chance, do it." 


Amanda also runs a non-profit called Hungry Heroes that works to feed first responders. You can check it out here