York County K9 'Gabby' honored for role in deadly ambush

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FOX 46 Charlotte

A York County K9 received an award that was the first of its kind on Friday. 'Gabby' was awarded a Metal of Valor after her brave act in the line of duty on January 16, 2018. 

Four law enforcement officers were ambushed while responding to a domestic violence call that ended up killing one of their own.


"It is a bestowed award that's not given very frequently," said Sheriff Kevin R. Tolson. "We put in a lot of thought into it and we felt like Gabby deserved this."

Gabby's handler, Sgt. Randy Clinton, recalled that night when Gabby was by his side after being shot. He says the bond between them is special. Clinton says the leg he was shot in is now fully healed, but he still has a few more months before returning to the job.

Friday's celebration for Gabby and the recognition Sgt. Clinton received last week prove the importance of their training and teamwork.

"A'int we something. We something now. She has a star and I got a star so that's what you call a K9 team," said Sgt Clinton.