York County man finds animal remains scattered around community

The details are enough to make your stomach turn: A York County man said an abundance of animal remains found in his community led him to file a complaint with state health officials.

Richard Lanier has family property off Propst Road.  Lanier shared pictures with FOX46 showing numerous bones and other remains of animals near his property, which he said have essentially had been dumped.

"On my property, you could probably walk a 100-yard radius and, if I had to guess, you could probably pick up around 40 to 50 skulls," said Lanier.

When FOX 46 went out to Lanier's neighborhood, our cameras came across animal remains, one even missing its head.

"You can see anything out here, from coon to squirrel, rabbit, deer, fox, bobcat, coyote.  And livestock, domesticated of course," Lanier said. 

He said he noticed the problem about two years ago. He started taking pictures of some of the mess he found, animal remains scattered, essentially dumped.

State law requires animal remains that aren't livestock to be properly disposed of, burned, or buried under three feet of dirty and not near water. 

"It's so rural, it's easy to dump a carcass out here and get away with it." 

The pictures provided to FOX 46 showed remains of at least two animals partially submerged in water.

Lanier believes someone in the area has made a mess that has led him to keep a closer eye on his kids.

"We have coyotes on game cameras about 50 yards from the residence, so it's scary."

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control said they are investigating the dumping report.