York County neighbors frustrated over water ban

A York County neighborhood is now under a non-essential water ban.

Blue Granite Water Company is making it mandatory to limit use of non-essential water, like filling swimming pools or watering plants, in the River Hills.

Neighbors say they take pride in their yards, but all the money they spent on new flowers and making their yard look nice may go to waste. Blue Granite Water says the ban is in effect until further notice.

“We found out very quickly water is not cheap,” said Rodney McKinley. “Every drop is precious.”

McKinley and his wife are new to the neighborhood. They spent serious money on landscaping and just bought a lot of new plants.

“We absolutely love it. My wife is a master gardener.” 

So when their water company started the mandatory water ban, concerns throughout the neighborhood poured in. Blue Granite Water Company says there is a lower than usual supply of water and a high demand in the Lake Wylie system. This ban comes ahead of a heat wave and holiday weekend parties.

“It’s going be real hot this weekend. 98 degrees and no chance of rain.”

Now, neighbors want answers.

“In order to take care of those yards we need water.”