York County phone scam says you failed to register as sex offender, must pay up to avoid jail

A new phone scam has York County deputies on alert. They’re warning neighbors about a new twist on an old scam to steal your cash.

“This one's new where people are calling and saying you failed to register for the sex offender registry,” said Trent Faris with the York County Sheriff’s Office. 

The scammer tells you if you pay a certain amount of money, you won't go to jail. 

“They really use scary language saying if you don't do this within an hour, a deputy will be at your door and we'll arrest you.” 

The scammers will demand that you stay on the phone with them, go to a store, buy a pre-paid card, and give them the card number. 

“Just hang up we don't do business that way we will not call you over the phone and say you have a warrant.” 

The York County Sheriff's Office says they'll always come to your door if you have a warrant for your arrest, they'll never call you.

“It gets frustrating because these diabolical scammers prey on the most trusting of hearts.” 

Faris says the sex offender registry scam has happened in Berkeley County and he's trying to warn you and your family so you don't fall for it. 

“These people are law abiding citizens they know they haven't done wrong but when somebody says they've done wrong they get scared.” 

If you get the call, hang up and call the real deputies so they can get results and get these bad guys.