York County teen taken off life support after serious wreck, organs to be donated

Photo: GoFundMe.com/audrey-n-calzada

It's been nearly three days since the deadly car crash that left the Calzada family without their daughter Audrey. Through the tragedy they are trying to find comfort in knowing her death, could save five lives.

Audrey N. Calzada, 17, was killed in a serious wreck Monday morning between Rock Hill and York, according to Highway Patrol. 

Her family stated the wreck caused Audrey to have a brain injury, as well as internal injuries. She was on life-support until Thursday, March 8. 

"Audrey was a sweet person who made everyone laugh and cheered everyone up with her sweet smile. We never expected the worse to happen. We lost a sweet angel," her family said on Audrey's GoFundMe page. 

Audrey technically passed away on Tuesday following the crash but Audrey's family said they could not give up on her, as they could see her laying in the hospital bed just wishing she would open her eyes. 

"Last night we said our goodbyes as this morning she was taken off life-support and has given her organs for those in need," the family wrote. "We will continue to remember Audrey and please continue to pray." 

If you would like to help the Calzada family, you can visit their GoFundMe page here.