York dachshund rescue goes up in flames; at least 5 dogs killed

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Photos courtesy of Chapman's Dachshund Rescue 

At least five dogs were killed and dozens of others injured following a massive, destructive blaze at a local dachshund recuse Thursday night in York, South Carolina. 

The large fire occurred at the Chapman's Dachshund Rescue located at 1200 State Road S-46-817. 

The alarming news was shared on their Facebook page Thursday night

"We lost our kennel tonight. We are unsure how it started, we were right here and completely helpless within minutes. We got as many dogs out as we could until it was unsafe to enter the building," Chapman's Dachshund Rescue wrote. 

York County Fire Department, Newport Fire Department, Bethel Fire Department, and York County Animal Control all responded to the scene. 

"We cannot thank everyone enough," Chapman's Dachshund Rescue wrote wrote on their page. "If anyone can donate to help us with our immediate needs for the dogs we would be ever so grateful, thank you." 

Those who work at the rescue said 43 dogs are safe and are expected to recover with no long-term health issues but are being monitored for some significant smoke inhalation. 

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