You Decide 2020: One-on-One with candidate Bernie Sanders

FOX 46's Diana Alvear had a one-on-one interview with 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as he visited the Queen City Friday.

"Here in North Carolina teachers are earning less than they did a dozen years ago - states giving massive tax -- we're going to change that," Sanders said at a rally in Charlotte on Friday.

"Medicare right now is the most popular healthcare program in the country - expand it for everyone - hearing aids - glasses - and very important, home health care."

Also on Friday Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles announced that she will be endorsing Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City.

“I support Mike Bloomberg to be our next president because the country needs a candidate in 2020 who cares for people and will work every day to ensure we will have a better tomorrow. That candidate is Mike Bloomberg,” said Mayor Vi Lyles. “Economic growth, climate change, and improving disadvantaged neighborhoods are just a few of the challenges that I believe are paramount to achieve a more unified, equitable, healthy and financially sound United States, and I know Mike will deliver real results for us as president.”