Young boy receives a 'Star Wars' themed prosthetic arm

A young boy in August, Ga. was presented with a Star Wars themed prosthetic ‘trooper' arm.

According to the Augusta Chronicle, 7-year-old Liam Porter was leaving a movie theater in Augusta when two Clone troopers appeared and escorted him to a room full of Star Wars characters where the prosthetic ‘trooper' arm was waiting for him.

Liam's mom said, "Oh it was wonderful, I wasn't sure how he would react, I didn't know if he would be very excited or very quiet and overwhelmed. He was quiet which is a little funny for him because he always talks."

The 501st Legion presented Liam with a certificate, naming him a friend of the Georgia Garrison of the 501st.

John Peterson created the prosthetic arm for Porter using a 3-D printer. The two were put in touch through e-NABLE, a 3-D hand/arm printer organization. e-NABLE is part of an international effort to help connect those who do and do not have access to advanced 3-D printer technology.

Peterson says he went to a Maker fair in Atlanta while he was working on the arm and ran into the Star Wars 501st Legion who showed interest in the prosthetic. They asked to join Peterson when it was time to give Liam his new arm.

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