Young Girl Battling Rare Cancer, Loses Eye

Three year old McKenzie Blount is full of life - maybe that's because living McKenzie's life so far has been a blessing. Back in September, doctors found a tumor behind McKenzies left eye, and doctors diagnosed her with Retinoblastoma a rare form of Cancer that she found out runs on her Dad's side of the family

The doctor said the tumor and her entire eye needed to be removed, but McKenzie is as confident and sassy as ever.

After six rounds of Chemotherapy, her family thought she was out of the woods, that's until the doctors told her family that 3-year old McKenzie is a carrier of this rare form of Cancer.

There's a chance McKenzie could pass it onto her children or her grandchildren, but that's many many years away so it's something her family isn't worrying about yet.

The chemo made McKenzie lose her hair - so her mom, and grandmother shaved their heads -so they could be like McKenzie -the little girl with the stylish sunglasses, and fabulous sense of style.

The family is planning a fundraiser for her, and is also taking donations to help pay for medical bills. If you want to help, visit the family's GoFundMe pages:

McKenzie Wish