Young woman says she was sexually assaulted at UNC Charlotte

A young woman says she was sexually assaulted at UNC Charlotte, but the man wasn't charged.

She reached out to FOX 46's Caroline Fountain to get results, and now, campus police are re-opening her case.

It's hard to look at the photos that show her breasts covered in bruises, a bruised arm, and bite marks all over her back.

"I'm in shock. I'm in shock that this happened," said Danielle Redder. She says she was sexually assaulted on October 14th at UNC Charlotte in a friend's dorm room.

"He invited me down to UNCC to drink with him and hang out. We haven't seen each other so catch up. We ended up drinking a lot, we hung out, and we ended up having sex," but she says it quickly turned violent.

"He bit me a lot all over my body and he squeezed my breasts very hard. Every touch, every bite hurt so bad. It felt like he was ripping my skin off." Danielle says she froze.

"I was just so scared. I didn't know what to do. If I said stop, he could have hurt me worse." She says she took these pictures as soon as she got home.

"Just seeing all the bruises on my body, I was in complete shock."

More than a month later the man she says left these marks on her body is still walking around campus and has not been charged with a crime.

"He deserves some kind of penalty for doing what he did to me. No girl or guy or anyone should have to go through what I went through and what I’m still going through."

The day after Danielle says she was sexually assaulted, she went to UNC Charlotte campus police to file a report.

She says she told police in a follow up interview and a written statement that she was sexually assaulted and wanted to press charges, but that's not what police put in the report.

"They told me I had to just charge him for assault, not sexual assault, rape or anything. I said ok, they're the police, they should know what they're doing and what they're talking about so I should just go for assault."

We asked why campus police filed Danielle's case as an assault instead of a sexual assault.

Lt. Sarah Smyre with UNC Charlotte police said, "The reporting parting alleged a physical assault. The reporting party did not allege a sexual assault. Once she came in and the investigators spoke with her, she did not indicate that she was sexually assaulted."

UNC Charlotte police let me read Danielle's written statement where she described what happened, but didn't actually use the phrase sexual assault.

FOX 46 Charlotte spent days trying to get results for Danielle and to find out why UNC Charlotte police is telling us one thing and Danielle is telling us another.

Campus police say they are reopening the criminal case and will take Danielle’s statement again. This time, she'll have a woman detective to work with and that person will accompany Danielle to the Magistrates Office so she can give her testimony in person.

Now, let's rewind. The first time campus police took Danielle’s case to the magistrate, the judge said there was no probable cause - in other words, no crime happened.

We tried to find out why, but we could only speak with chief magistrate who would only talk in general terms.

"The standard requires that you look at everything. If you only look at that one thing then you're doing a disservice to the whole factual situation. Which is the credibility of the person, the other four or five elements that are addressed to that specific case. If you only look at the photos, that's sometimes the emotional component. This is visual, this is graphic, this is traumatic, but you have a standard to look at, what do the elements say," said Chief Magistrate Khalif Rhodes.

When Danielle heard her case was closed, "I was like, are you kidding me. Seriously? There's proof that this happened."

We asked the chief magistrate what else she could have done.

"If the magistrate listened to the facts and they felt there was no probable cause was established for that charge, unfortunately then that would be their only legal remedy in terms of criminal for that specific charge, with that specific incident," said Chief Magistrate Khalif Rhodes.

Danielle tells me she will be going back to UNC Charlotte campus police to give her statement again. 

"I want him to know he can't do this to anyone else."