Active sack leader joins Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have high expectations for Jared Allen.

They believe the five and half sacks he recorded in 2014 with the Bears, which was the lowest of his career was a product of Chicago's 3-4 defense which didn't play to Allen's strength's. But now they believe he can excel in Carolina by playing in a defense that suits his strength.

How do you replace you leading pass rusher? By trading for the player who's one of the best at getting to opposing quarterback.

"I was tickled pink to be here honestly. This has been a team, if you look at last free agency if you're a defensive lineman or defensive player this is a very attractive place to because they play hard defense, they play fast they play physical and they get after the quarterback," Jared Allen said.

Jared Allen leads the league in sacks, forced fumbles and disrupted drop backs since he entered the league in 2004.

"A man that had that many sacks, he bring a lot of leadership to this line, all us as d ends, we want to soak in this knowledge that he here to bring and i think he a great edition," Mario Addison said.

Allen is a couple years removed from his prime, may be the reason the Chicago Bears were willing to part with the 5-time pro bowler who didn't fit into their 3-4 defense.

"I'm not a standup 3-4 guy, i gave it the old college try, and i put the work in, and at the end of the day …. In a 4-3 defense," Allen said.

Allen will start at right defensive end against the Buccaneers moving Kony Ealy over to the left side.

"I like to believer that we can target, somewhere between 35 and 40 snaps for Jared ,just knowing that for the most part you always want to sure your best rushers are fresh for the 2 minute drill and situations like that," Coach Rivera said.