Behind the Scenes: In the NASCAR Garage with Austin Dillon and his Team

Austin Dillon might be one of the youngest drivers in NASCAR, but he comes from a legacy of racing. Driving for his grandfather, Richard Childress' team, being back in North Carolina this week for the Coca-Cola 600 truly feels like home.

"It means a lot because now in NASCAR, there's only two cup drivers that are from the state of North Carolina, myself and Dale Jr., so it's pretty cool to be here at our home track and getting to bring friends and family around," said Dillon.

It's his family away from home though that keeps Dillon on track.  With one day off a week during the season, his race team  works more than twelve hours a day in the garage, staying "on the go" to stay in the competition.

"Leave on Thursday morning, get back Sunday night, work Monday, Wednesday in the shop, on a good week; just love coming out to the track and being in the competition," said team member, Clint Almquist.

"Solid group of guys that I always trust to build a good race car and keep me safe so, they have leader in Chad whose the car chief and all the guys are in line and do what they need to do each and every weekend," said Dillon.

The team starts work in the garage early in the morning. When it's time to head to the track, they'll go through aggressive inspections conducted by NASCAR officials, making sure the car meets all NASCAR regulations when it comes to weight, height, and safety.

As I spent the day with Dillon's team, it was quite noticeable they had a great chemistry and bond.

"I see more sunrises and sunsets with these guys than I do my own family, but we're a very tight knit group of guys," said team member, Chris Tidwell.

"It makes the job a lot easier cause you're basically living with these guys 24/7, That's really important, they're all like family to me so it's just great having them," said team member, Ryan Sparks, who celebrated his eighth anniversary with Richard Childress Racing this week.

Dillon is an avid supporter of the military.

This weekend, his team will honor and remember fallen military heroes, including Navy Seal Special Operations Chief Adam Brown.

"I met up with a couple of seals back in Chicago a couple of years ago, became friends with them, and they always talked about Adam Brown, the hero he was, and saved a lot of their team members' lives," said Dillon.

As the car leaves the garage and hits the track for practice, Dillon will radio in his feedback on how the car feels and is driving. The team makes adjustments during and after practice, before qualifications.

The team has years of experience ranging from more than a decade and a half ago, when Dale Earnhardt Sr. drove the number three car.

"You know being back in the 3 car, back in the series, is an honor. I started with the 'Goodwrench' car so to come back around and be back on the three car, it's something prestigious and working with the Dillons and being a family organization, and working with the grandkids, it's been pretty unbelievable experience for everyone on the team," said Tidwell.

You can see more of Austin Dillon and your favorite NASCAR drivers as things heat up this weekend at the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Race coverage will be provided on FOX 46 Charlotte.