Brothers lead the way for Vance football

Vance football’s offense is on an absolute tear this season. The Cougars average more than 37 points per game. Two brothers, Kingsley and Jonathan Ifedi, are a monumental part of that success. Kingsley, a junior, has excelled at quarterback, and Jonathan, his senior brother, is making big plays at wide receiver.

“I like to see my brother succeed at whatever he does,” Kingsley said. “I like to see when he scores at touchdown, when he makes a play. It makes me a lot more happy than he probably is about the touchdown.”

Entering week nine of the season, Kingsley has nineteen passing touchdowns. Seven of them have gone to his brother. He said there’s no favoritism in play, Jonathan is just really good at his job.

“He gets open a lot,” Kingsley said. “He runs great routes, he catches the ball very well. When he’s open I give it to him.”

“When I tell him I’m open he actually listens to me,” Jonathan said. “I like it because there’s better chemistry, because we live together. So we get to talk about anything throughout the day to practice, and just to get better.”

The younger Ifedi will have two chances to take home a state title with Vance, but there’s definitely a sense of urgency for this year. Sending off his brother to college with a high school championship, that definitely adds fuel to the fire.

“I want my big brother to go out with a bang,” Kingsley said. “I want his receiving yards to be great, I want his catching touchdowns to be great. I want him to go out with a bang. I love my brother.”