Cam and Panthers should scare Packers

The Carolina Panthers are not doing it with style points. The reality is this team just continues to log victories without any need for the catch-stat performances the current iteration of the game greatly favors. The Panthers are 7-0 and are just good at football.

As the Packers come off a surprisingly poor performance against the Broncos that Cheeseheads everywhere hope was a mirage, they collide with that one team in the NFL that wins much more on collective rather than star performance. Somehow, someway the Panthers are the fourth-highest scoring team in the NFL. Yet one of the safest bets in non-Carolina markets around the country is asking someone to name all the offensive contributors for the Panthers.

Nevertheless, they are still a huge threat to a Packers team looking to keep a speed bump from decomposing into a slide.

Cam Newton is the unquestioned star of the Panthers offense, but that doesn't mean you'll get 400-yard passing games with barrels of touchdown passes. His reputation for wildly athletic scrambles from the pocket and big, downfield throws after escaping pressure are well-earned and still a serious threat.

The Packers are one of those teams that loves to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks with creative rush schemes. One of the biggest aspects of Cam's game that's grown in 2015 is his ability to stay calm under pressure and either deliver a quality ball or scorch that pressure with his feet. It's probably illegal to admit as much, but Newton is far better at this critical aspect of big-time quarterbacking than the Wilsons and Lucks of the world. 

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