Cam Newton is a fan of Nick Kosir's #DripChronicles

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has walked out of a press conference or two, but he gladly came back to the podium when asked a question about FOX 46 Meteorologist Kick Kosir. 

"The Drip Chronicles guy!," Newton said.

Nick has caught the attention of Panthers' QB...and Newton seems to be a fan.

Cam had almost left Wednesday's press conference FOX 46's Will Kunkel asked him a question about Nick's Instagram posts.

If you haven't seen it, Nick has been recreating Cam's fashion sense from post game pressers --- on a budget --  and has been NAILING IT. 

The whole thing started during Panthers training camp when the QB started posting pics of his outfits to Instagram with the hashtag #dripchronicles.

"It's been something, I've been kind of looking forward," Newton told FOX 46.

In case you were wondering about the name "Drip Chronicles," we looked it up. According to Urban Dictionary, drip is "just another word for immense swag."  

"You know, I'm all for it, man. Whether it's some type of fun or whatever, somebody throwin' shade, or whatever. If it's about me, I bring the good out of it and it's been something that's very delightful for me to see."    

Cam even hinted at a possible collaboration. 

"Tell him to keep his DMs open."  

 Needless to say, Nick was overwhelmed.

 "Cam Newton truly blessed me today and I am forever grateful for his kind words. He is the coolest/best quarterback in all the land."  

   The story has even been picked up by several national outlets, including ESPN.