Cam Newton sends autographed jersey to boy after adorable Christmas video goes viral

A little Christmas confusion turned into something truly magical after a little boy mistakenly assumed a gift he got for the holidays was from Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. 

A woman shared a video on social media of her 6-year-old nephew Robbie, who was ecstatic over getting a Cam Newton jersey for Christmas. 

"Thank you, Cam Newton!" Robbie shouted in the video. 

The little boy is seen in the video jumping up and down thanking Cam Newton for the jersey. But you see, the Christmas gift was not actually from Cam Newton, but his family. 

The woman tweeted out the video of Robbie, asking everyone to help get the video to reach Cam in the hopes that he would respond to one of his superfans.  

Amazingly, Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers saw the video and responded back saying he will be sending Robbie an autographed jersey of his own to have!

"With some extra drip 💧" the Panthers tweeted on Wednesday.