Cam Newton sums up the Super Bowl in a way only Southerners understand

After the Carolina Panthers were done crushing the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC title game, Cam Newton was asked something about reaching the Super Bowl and all the work it took to get this far.

Newton, being from Georgia and playing for a team located in the South, summed up the Panthers' journey so far in a way that Southerners will fully understand and appreciate.

Newton used an analogy involving grits and collard greens. From his postgame press conference:

"I'm excited, I'm excited. I said it then and I'm gonna say it now -- it was a process. It wasn't gonna be ... what did I say? Instant grits, quick grits. It's gonna be a process like long-cooked collard greens, you know what I'm saying. I think those collard greens are brewing right now -- you can smell it from a mile away."

Eighty percent of the country right now is probably thinking, "What in the world is Cam talking about?"

But to every Panthers fan and those who grew up or have lived in the South, this makes total sense. Cam knows his people.

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