Cam Newton: 'We all have to hold each other accountable'

Cam Newton addressed the deadly police shooting and protests that happened in Charlotte on Tuesday at the Wednesday Panthers press conference.

Cam said in regards to the situation that, "It is just something that we all have to be held accountable and when is enough, enough?" He said, he "Is hoping the facts come out."

"I haven't gotten the information I was probably seeking. In one article it said there was a book, some article said it was a gun and in another article you know the police that did the shooting didn't have his camera on. You know, so its kinda like, 'hey, in my sport, in my life, if I'm not held accountable there is Derek Anderson and Joe Webb," Cam said. "But what if you know people are dying and from some cases its innocence and other cases it was a threat, to you know the police officers. So, who am I to just sit up here and make up a specific judgment."

Cam said it's embarrassing for things to just keep happening.

"From what I do know we had an incident that happened in 2013 that had something to do with police and it went to jury and whatever and washed away in time," Cam said.

Cam said his big thing is to always hold people accountable, no matter what the race, no matter what the gender, no matter what the age is. "We all have to hold each other accountable and that's where we livin' in," Cam said.

Coach Ron Rivera spoke on the situation briefly calling it a "violate situation."

See full press conference below with Cam Newton and Ron Rivera: