Charlotte High School Golfer Going National

Dylan Fisher first picked up a golf club at the age of three. Now a 17-year old rising senior at Providence High School, he will tee it up in a national tournament at one of the most beautiful courses in the country.

Paired with a Champions Tour player, Dylan will compete against 80 junior golfers for the Natures Valley First Tee Pro-Junior title at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

“Make the cut for the last day and hopefully play Pebble Beach one more time,” said Fisher.

Dylan will represent the First Tee of Greater Charlotte. It is a program that teaches young golfers life skills through the game. He’s been a participant of First Tee for three years.

“We are so proud of him,” said Kaitlyn Jarman who is with the First Tee of Greater Charlotte. “He is a well deserving participant and he’ll represent our chapter well.

Obviously playing golf at Pebble Beach is a dream of any golfer. However, Dylan is using his opportunity at The First Tee to pass on his wealth of knowledge of the game to younger golfers.

“I’ve just learned to give my time to other people,” said Fisher.

Even though Fisher was 14 when he entered the program, he was required to start at the beginning level. He was paired with 7, 8, and 9-year-olds. 
Being a student of the game, Dylan saw this as a chance to grow the sport. 

“He really took a leadership role and became an older mentor to those kids in his class,” said Jarman.
“I coach at Charles T. Myers. I’m a volunteer coach. Seeing younger golfers starting to love the sport is really cool,” said Fisher.

Dylan’s growth within the First Tee is why he was considered for the Pebble Beach tournament. Actually being chosen is his hole in one.
You don't find many kids that volunteering has resonated with them as much as it has with Dylan.
You know you’re going to do it but once you get on the plane you know it’s actually happening.

Dylan will hit the links September 25 for the Nature Valley First Tee Open.