Checkers' Leighton juggles success with home life

Charlotte Checkers’ goalie Michael Leighton has beaten the odds while his opponents find it very difficult to beat him.

The average professional hockey career lasts roughly five years – Leighton is now halfway through his sixteenth season.

He has done it but amazingly Leighton has never lived in the same house for more than two years during his stellar career and here’s why – he’s the quintessential journeyman.

He has played in Windsor, Ontario then to Norfolk, Virginia to Chicago to Rochester to Portland, Maine, to Nashville to Philadelphia to Labany to Raleigh back to Philadelphia to Glens Fall, New York – one season in Ukraine to Rockford, Illinois back to Chicago and then finally to Charlotte.

While Leighton has spent the majority of his career in the minor leagues he has had a few cups of coffee, as they say. He’s played in four games for the hurricanes this season.

He has played in 111 total NHL games with his career high-point coming in 2010 when he led the Philadelphia Flyers to the Stanley Cup Finals.

But he has no plans on retiring anytime soon – and why would he? Just this past Saturday night he recorded the 49th shutout of his career – which is an AHL record and he is tied for fifth on the all-time AHL wins list with 232 victories.