Davidson UNC-Charlotte basketball game features coaches with opposite levels of experience, success

The Charlotte 49ers men's basketball team couldn't keep up with the opposition while playing in the Bahamas last week, dropping three straight. The team hopes to bounce back at home against an undefeated local opponent.

"To be able to come back and play Davidson, it won't be hard to get up for them," said Mark Price, 49ers head coach. "They're a very good team. The challenge for us is just to continue to grow and get better as a team."

The Charlotte-Davidson game will feature head coaches on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to experience and success. Price has coached only six games at the NCAA level, with only one win to show for it. Bob McKillop has lead Davidson since 1989, and picked up victory number 500 in the Wildcats last game.

"When you reach any milestone, it gives you a chance to reflect back upon the experiences, and certainly all the people that were part of it," McKillop said.

"Any time that you build a system, you have to find the right kind of players that fit that system," Price said. "They've done a really good job. We're in the beginning stages of that for us. We're in the beginning stages of that for us. We're trying to find the right guys that are going to fit what we want to do and build here."

McKillop called Price one of the classiest gentlemen he's ever met, a stark contrast to the type of person he was when he started coaching at Davidson.

"I was an arrogant, abrasive New Yorker. I came down here thinking I could wave a magic wand and ride off into the sunset. Little did I know how I had to be brought to my knees to understand what coaching is all about."

Learning and adapting played a major part in McKillo's rise at Davidson. Price and the 49ers will try to teach him one more lesson on Tuesday.