Development robs Panthers fans of prime parking spaces

Prime real estate parking for the panther's game used to be right here where the Charlotte Observer used to be but now it's under construction.

"We are so disappointed because that used to be the absolute best lot to tailgate," Mark Seymour said.

"They weren't aware of it until I told them and they had to start digging and hunting," Danny Dickerson said.

Taking away about 500 spaces for tailgaters like Mark Seymour.

"That our mission today, is to find a new lot," Seymour said.

Seymour says he usually buys a space to park for the entire season at the Observer lot. It used to cost him 50 bucks. Other parking spots cost about the same but they are much further away from the stadium.

"Honestly, the cost of the outer laying lots has gone up since this one has gone away,” Seymour said.

Emily Krewson is finding a different way to tailgate, says she plan to tailgate after work, at work.

"We used to rent out a couple of the lots over here and do corporate events and thing like that but obviously there's a lot of building and construction so, don't have that option any more. We do work in uptown so we can just walk right over," Krewson said.

Some even coming in early for the early bird rate and just waiting until game time but Joy Nall is coming all the way from Lake Norman. They are only bringing one car because of the lack of parking.

"Our parking lot doesn't even open up until 5:30pm, so we are going to have a short tailgating time tonight,” Nall said.

Nall will have to walk to another parking lot to find the party.

"You gotta go from prime time to out in the boonies. You are going to get some exercise walking to the stadium now," Dickerson said.