Duke's Krzyzewski says he'd support paying athletes

Speaking Tuesday at the Charlotte Marriott in Uptown during ACC Media Day, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said in a prepared statement at ACC Media Day that he'd support the pay for play initiative, a California bill that would allow student-athletes to profit financially from endorsements and sponsorships.

"While we have made significant progress in recent years, we have not always responded to the needs and rights of our players swiftly, and frankly, we’re playing catchup after years of stagnant rules."

The Duke coach also said he won't be surprised if the NBA expands its annual draft to include more than two rounds in the not-so-distant future.  Krzyzewski says that could have an impact on the college game with more players turning professional earlier so they can get paid.

He says the NBA isn't going to stand still -- and college athletics can't either, adding "we cannot keep our heads in the sand. ... We are not good game planners. We are very reactionary."
He also says he expects the G League will increase in popularity, predicting it won't be long before its games are broadcast on national television.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford also said he is "open-minded" when it comes to college athletes being paid for endorsement deals.
Last month California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law that goes into effect in 2023 allowing athletes at universities in his state make money from their images, names or likenesses. The law also bans schools from kicking athletes off the team if they get paid.
Swofford says that California law is "extreme," but added that he is not opposed to "modernizing" rules for amateur athletics. However, he says he would prefer a consistent national approach rather than individual state laws that can vary.
Swofford says, "I don't think this is going to be the end of college athletics by any means. We've been resilient in the past and we will be now and we will be in the future."

The Associated Press contributed to this article.