Earnhardt Jr reacts to minor league baseball team's name change

The minor league baseball team in Kannapolis has decided to switch its name away from the Intimidators, a reference to the late Dale Earnrhardt.

Earnhardt's son Dale Jr is not pleased with the move and tweeted his feelings about it. "I remember how proud dad was of this. What a shame it has to end." Some other NASCAR drivers were also displeased.

"This name is truly the only reason anyone outside of the town knows about the team," said Brad Keselowski. Zach Beeson called it "the saddest thing I've read today."

Earnhardt Jr also tweeted that if they really need to change the name, to change it to Ironheads, a reference to his dad. Cannons, he suggested, was another option, referring to some of the town's history.

Fans of the minor league affiliate are allowed to vote on a new name on the team's website.

The ball club is affiliated with the Chicago White Sox and in 1995 named the Single A squad in honor of the late NASCAR driver and Hall of Famer who was born in Kannapolis.

The club is also preparing for a new stadium in 2020.