Fans travel from St. Louis to Charlotte for Panthers game and friend's bachelor party

A ten hour drive from St. Louis to Charlotte was no problem for groom-to-be James Korba and his friends. That trip kicked off Korba's bachelor party, an event centered around Sunday's Panthers game.

"I'd pick this over Vegas and all that, because I'm a die-hard fan," said Korba.

"We started about eight months ago," said Kevin Warren, the best man. "Right when they got engaged, we said, 'are we going to Miami? Vegas?' We said no. We're going to Carolina because he's a Panthers fan, and that's where he wanst to be."

"We  came up, I think we got here about Friday morning," Korba said. "We went and got autographs, did our little festivities for the weekend, and we're going to the game."

Korba knew about the game in advance, but his friends surprised him with field passes when they arrived at the stadium.

"We sent a letter to the Panthers, and they ended up calling back," Warren said. "They said that they would get us on the field. Which is awesome."

"I feel like he should have been able to do something like that," Korba said. "I didn't know if he'd be able to pull that off. That's cool though."