Former Panther Damione Lewis on Odell Beckham Jr.'s antics

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The Panthers 14th win this season is being overshadowed by the antics of Giants' wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in his matchup against Josh Norman. The most notable moment was when Beckham head-to-head hit against Norman -- a move in which some people are saying the NFL needs to take action.

Former Panthers player Damione Lewis had this to say about the Norman-Beckham matchup:


Lewis thinks Norman did a good job of not letting Beckham's moves get under his skin too much. "But it comes a point, I'm a man," Lewis said, "and you're not going to disrespect me on the field that way. And I feel Odell Beckham really crossed the line and disrespected Josh, and it went from not being competitive to oh, we're going to have a street fight out here."

Lewis believes Beckham tried to take Norman out with the blow to his head. "That's targeting. If that's a defensive player he's kicked out of the game," Lewis said.

Beckham ended the game with three personal fouls. The Panthers beat the Giants, 38-35.