Hornets' Kemba Walker gives back through annual basketball camp

There is no off season for Kemba Walker and as training camp quickly approaches the Hornets' guard is looking to give back. 

He's giving life lessons on and off the court. 

"He means alot, being the NBA basketball player he is."

Kemba Walker is one of the most popular sports figures in the Queen City. 

"This is my community, Charlotte, I'm going on six years, so I'm they guy they want to see and I want to be there."

Thursday thought it was all about the kids, 200 to be exact in attendance at his annual basketball camp.

"You know a lot of kids don't get a chance to be around NBA players, so for me to be here for a few hours interacting with these guys and girls as well, it is fun."

Along with the fun, Kemba said he wants the kids to know there is a lot more to life than just basketball.

"You know everyone is not going to be a basketball player. It is not about that. It's life lessons, meeting new friends, learning how to work hard, learning how to pay attention."

There is no question that every camper at Kemba Walker's basketball camp had a great time, but for one group of campers it got a little but better. They were treated to a shopping spree at Dicks Sporting Gods at Southpark Mall, and their personal shopper was Kemba Walker himself.

"It's crazy, it is nerve wracking to have a great NBA player around and talking to us and interacting with the kids."

"This was awesome.  It was pretty cool. I'm thankful he gave us the opportunity to do this. I mean this was just a fun time."