Hornets' Miles Bridges set to star in All-Star dunk contest

The All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest will feature a prominent Hornet's rookie this year-- Miles Bridges. 

Bridges announced himself with the Hornets, throwing down some ridiculous dunks, and there’s plenty more where the first few came from.

Saturday’s dunk contest is not going to be a first for him. He won this one a high school contest years ago. 

"I was definitely creative. My guy, Pal-- his name is Pal-- he came up with that. He played soccer the pass was way behind me. That’s what made it so good," Bridges told FOX 46 Sports Director Will Kunkel.

It was so good ESPN’s sportscenter ranked it number 1 in their top plays that night, and that’s when his basketball career took flight.

"I awsn’t ranked then nobody knew about me. They didn’t know I could dunk the ball. They had a vote who would win and no one voted for me and I won," Bridges said. 

He took his talent to Michigan State. Hornets owner Michael Jordan has some simple advice for the rookie.

"Have fun. I am looking forward to seeing Miles. I am anticipating some creativity. The dunk contest is ironically is a difficult. We took off from the free throw line. I don’t expect anyone to take off from the top of the key," said Jordan. 

His royal airness was a pretty good dunker in his day too, winning the contest in 87 and 88. But M.J. isn’t even Bridges’ favorite dunker. 

"Let me guess-- Vince Carter?" Kunkel asked. 

"Yeah, that’s my favorite dunker of all time," Bridges said. 

No doubt, Bridges will insipre the next generation of leapers. Vegas has bridges at 2.5 to 1 to win the event.

 All-Star Saturday night, which includes the skills contest and three-point contest, is set to start at 8:00 p.m.