Independence Basketball Team Playing for State Title

It's like deja vu for Independence head basketball coach Preston Davis. Twenty-one year ago he was in the gym at Independence High School gearing up for the state championship game. Two decades later he's doing the same thing.

"When I played here, I was fortunate enough to go to the championship, and be a part of that winning team, so now to come back as a coach is amazing," said Davis.

In his ninth season as head coach, Davis has lead the Patriots to a program record 30 wins, while losing just one game.

Davis said the difference with this year's squad has more to do with their actions off the court than on it.

"We've had guys who get along, but there's just something special about the chemistry with this group off the court," said Davis.

Chemistry is important, but so is talent. The Patriots have three all-conference players. While they are the one's playing they know their coaches experiences winning a title at the same school is a huge asset to them as they prepare for Saturday.

"He knows what it takes, so he's just been guiding us through it," said senior guard Jamarius Burton. "He's been giving us step-by-step what to expect and what we should bring every night when we hit the floor."

Independence will face Heritage at the University of North Carolina in the 4A championship game Saturday, March 10th at 7:30pm.