Is C. Newton worthy of wearing the 'C'

Following the Panthers' 41-38 loss to the Saints on Sunday, FOX 46 Sports Director Chuck Howard opens up about the quarterback's behavior post game.

Many moons ago I was captain of my high school football team as a junior and a senior.  Not handpicked by my head coach to be captain but voted to be a captain by my teammates.  It was an honor that I never took lightly and one that I am still very proud of today.  I am, and was proud because my football brothers looked to me for leadership, guidance and respected how hard a 5’9” 187 pound farm kid worked to make himself a better football player and student. 

I didn’t possess great athletic skill, but I studied the game and worked hard enough to be named All-Conference twice for our little Podunk High School.  Another honor that I still cherish to this day because I know how hard I had to work to overcome a lack of great athletic talent.  I was good but small college talent at best.

That’s why Cam Newton’s behavior has finally reached a point to where I need to vent about it.  As we all know, Newton is arguably the biggest freak of an athlete the NFL has ever seen.  I am in awe when I see him in person and even more in awe when we watch him play on Sunday afternoons.  I am not in awe any longer of his behavior. 

His news conference after the 41-38 loss to the Saints was simply embarrassing. Cam Newton is a quarterback of an NFL team.  The game of football is a harsh business and Cam has proven time and time again that he gives his all between the lines.  But I am truly concerned about what sometimes goes on between his ears.  To speak to the media for only 90 seconds after a loss and give guttural responses to non-invasive questions was/is baffling.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this act.

As I mentioned – it was a game that Cam had just played.  He wasn’t parachuting behind enemy lines.  He didn’t just put a stint in a young girl’s heart.  He wasn’t helping hurricane victims in Haiti.  Sure Cam, your team lost a close game in which you performed well in, but to come out and pout AGAIN is not what a captain does.  Did Greg Olsen not speak to the media in full sentences?  Did Ryan Kalil not man up and speak in full sentences?  Yes they did and they are also team captains. 

Above I mentioned when I was a team captain in high school (Yeah 100 years ago and it was Class D level football and my team senior year went 1 & 7!).  Yes losing stinks, but pouting and being insolent doesn’t make you the world’s best loser. 

I have heard several times since Sunday night’s news conference, “Cam just wants to win”, that’s why he’s upset.  Well so does Greg Olsen and Ryan Kalil and every other guy in the Panthers locker room.  Who is the first guy to be dancing up a storm on the sidelines during a win?  Cam Newton is.  Cam wants it both ways, but the act is getting very old.  It’s time he started acting like a captain because this ship is sinking rapidly. 

But if the Panthers season were actually that proverbial ship do you really think Cam Newton would be the last one off?