Lifelong Charlotte Hornets fan with autism gets surprise of a lifetime

Dreams really do come true. A lifelong hornets fan living with autism gets the surprise of a lifetime. 

Dozens of friends, family, and support staff shared the moment when 20-year old Paul Nestor, who is autistic, learned his dream was coming true. 

“I’ve learned that you’re a big fan of the Charlotte Hornets. So the Charlotte Hornets and Coach Clifford have invited you and your family to spend the day with them tomorrow,” said a representative from Dream On 3, the organization granting Paul’s wish.

Paul loves the game of basketball and has a keen interest in what goes on behind the scenes. 

“My dream is to definitely have a Q and A with Coach Clifford and definitely ask him questions about like how he kind of dictates starting line-ups and kind of runs his offense and defense,” said Paul.

Paul’s parents Joe and Nancy Nestor said, people with autism have challenges with communication. Nancy said Paul was 7-years-old when he started talking. They said the experience working with Dream On 3 helped Paul become more expressive.

“Hopefully it will lead to him being more expressive in other things and we can build upon this so he’ll become more functional whether it’s in school, in work or in the community,” said Joe.

Paul is a life-long Hornets fan who believes in the team and likes Coach Clifford’s style. He told FOX 46 what he plans to do when he meets him.  

“I’m gonna give him a high five,” said Paul.

Dream On 3 has an entire day planned that starts with a night at the Ritz Carlton in Uptown Charlotte.

“Their schedule is from sun up to sun down with some special little perks and surprises along the way,” said Elizabeth Lindsey, Co-founder and Executive Director of Dream On 3. 

FOX 46 will be following along with Paul and his family throughout the day, Thursday.