NFL suspends Thomas Davis two games for illegal hit

The NFL has announced that Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis has been suspended for his illegal hit on Packers receiver Davante Adams in Sunday's game.

Davis hit a defenseless Adams, clearly leading with this helmet after safety Colin Jones picked off Aaron Rodgers pass in the 31-24 win. Adams went to the ground, but did walk off under his own power.

Davis apologized in a tweet that said: 

“I understand your frustration and I do apologize for the hit! In no way was I trying to hurt you. My first instinct was turn and make a block. In all sincerity I do apologize. I truly respect you as a player and I made a mistake!” 

Adams is in the concussions protocol, so unless the appeal is reduced, Davis will miss next week's home game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the regular season finale at the Atlanta Falcons.

Davis plans to appeal the suspension.

This is the second time this season that Davis has been fined for a flagrant hit. He was flagged for unnecessary roughness for a hit on Tamp Bay wideout Adam Humphries, a call Davis vigorously disagreed with.