Panthers confirm practice field bubble construction has begun

It's official— the Carolina Panthers are building a bubble over their practice field in uptown.

"How big is it going to be? How much is it going to cover? How high is it going to be?" 

Neighbors on Cedar Street have a lot of questions about the construction inside the practice facility.

“Let me just say this-- it'll be very surprising if we're not playing indoors for practice somehow or another," team owner David Tepper said. 

Tepper was clear about wanting to build a bubble around the facility, and on Tuesday the Panthers tweeted out a photo showing the first stages of construction. 

"I don't think it's going to affect the skyline, but perhaps some of the buildings? We are going to miss seeing 10 to 15 cranes, but again its apart of grow its apart of the city," Laura Whitting Hill said. 

Hill moved in across the practice fields in the middle of last football season.

"I absolutely love it. Game day is always a big hype,” she said. 

She isn't too concerned about losing her skyline view, but is concerned about losing the practice facility to South Carolina.

"If it's going to keep the practice facility here i say do what you got to do."

Lawmakers across the state line are trying to push the Panthers and push legislation that would give tax credits and incentives in the professional sports team investment act.   

That proposal already passed in a Senate subcommittee Tuesday and would apply to all professional sports teams. The state and Tepper have not settled on a site yet, but are considering a space in York County. Meantime at the current practice facility, there’s been no word when the bubble will be up.