Panthers Fan Fest 2015

Thousands of fans are dusting off their black and blue and helping the Carolina Panthers get a jump start on the upcoming season at Fan Fest 2015.

For die hard fans the free practice game symbolizes the unofficial start to the football season and thousands of people are showing their support. 

"This is a great way to get fans to the stadium and get everyone excited and pumped up. See everyone play," said Lindsey Lawless and Devin Walker, Panthers fans.

From the practice field to game day, fans say the experience gives them the opportunity to see their team in action. 

"To see the start of the season, the new players get to introduce everybody and get to know them. Yeah, to see the fans and see how everybody is anticipating the start of a good season," Doug Conner and Kent Dizzell, Panthers fans said.

For those who grew up with the team tradition and good luck charms continue as they anticipate another football season. 

The celebration kicked off with live band performances and finished with a firework and laser show.