Panthers fans flock to training camp

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Fans came from all of the Carolinas to take in the first day of Panthers Training Camp - the first in line arrived early Thursday morning. 

Courtney Early of Waxhaw loves the Panthers and it shows. She was the first in line to get into camp.

"Woke up at like 5 a.m. and just came on out. Got here at 7:13 a.m." she said. 

With her daughter in tow, they came to see her favorite team. 

"I love the Panthers since I have been in middle school. Now, I am bringing her up to be a Panthers fan," Early said. 

Early wasn't the only one that showed up a few hours early. Fans from across the Carolinas came to experience day one. 

"This is the first day of football. Yes, first day of football, it starts today. They put in the hard work they get to the super bowl right now."

"It is not the first true day until there is nachos, but I think it is pretty high on the excitement scale, you know it is excitement, we got our season tickets and we are ready to go."

Fired up for the season to start, many fans believe the Panthers will make it to the Super Bowl again, and this one could have a special meaning to all those who love this team. 

"I don't see us doing 15 and 1, but I definitely see us back there. We are going to get this ring for Sam Mills. Number 51, Super Bowl 51.