Panthers fans keep pounding through rainy weather

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Not even the rain can dampen the spirit of Panthers fans.

Tonight is one of the biggest regular season games for the Panthers, as they try and go 7-0 for the first time in franchise history.

The Panthers are taking on the Indianapolis Colts.

Fans have tents, umbrellas, ponchos and extra clothes if needed. They're also firing up the grills, setting up shop and playing the traditional games of corn hole and washers.

Many tailgaters began setting up Monday morning during the heavy rain to ensure they were able to snag their favorite spots.

"I was here for the Jacksonville game when it was like flooding the stadium. Ya know, rain, sleet, snow, shine, I'm coming," Panthers fan Jason Rutherford said.

As for the field, it has been covered with a tarp all afternoon and it drains very well. Offense has an advantage in rainy weather because they know where they are going and defense does not.

Traffic will be an issue with the rainy weather and parking will be limited. Riding the CATS bus is encouraged.