Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis will not return next season

Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis will not be playing for the team next season, he announced on Twitter Wednesday evening.

Davis says the team told him on Monday that they are “going to go in a different direction” with their starting linebacker.

“I wanted to be back, I wanted to be a part of a group that can, and just right the wrongs that we had this season,” he said.

Davis has played for the team for 14 years. He says this isn’t what he wanted, and he’s saddened by the decision.

“As a leader of this team I take full responsibility for some of the things that we allowed to happen and for the games we lost consecutively.”

Davis thanked the organization, his teammates and Panthers nation. He said he will always cherish his time with Carolina, but he remained adamant that he is not retiring.

“I feel like I have way too much football left in me to walk away from the game right now. I want to keep playing, I’m going to keep playing.”

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