Panthers release 2018 regular season schedule

The Carolina Panthers published their 2018 regular season schedule Thursday evening. 

The season kicks off with a game at Bank of America Stadium against the Dallas Cowboys. This is the first time the Panthers season opener has been at home since the 2013 game against the Seahawks.

The team will only travel once in their first five weeks of the season when they head to Atlanta to face off against the Falcons in Week 2.

Next up, the team will host the Bengals before bye week and the Giants after it at home. Their bye is comes in Week 4, the earliest it can be. 

The season will come to a close with three games against the other two NFC South teams that qualified for the playoffs in 2017- the Saints and the Falcons. 

Following Carolina's tough NFC Wild Card playoff defeat in New Orleans last year, Rivera deemed the team the Panthers' “nemesis," the team reports. The Panthers went 0-3 against them, and now, they’ll have to wait until Week 15 to take on the Big Easy again. 

After hosting the Falcons at home in Week 16, the Panthers will travel once again to the Superdome in New Orleans to close out the regular season-- undoubtedly a tough final lineup for the team.