Questions surround NASCAR's future in Charlotte

After a week of bad news for NASCAR and CEO Brian France, more questions are now surrounding the future of NASCAR in Charlotte and across the country.

In May of this year there was talk about the possible sale of NASCAR. That talk is now energized once again with uncertainty about who will lead America's most popular motorsport in the future.

"Something bigger and better is right around the corner," said Humpy Wheeler, the former President and General Manager of Charlotte Motor Speedway.

NASCAR is all about turning the corner, but with rumors of a possible sale, a drop in attendance and tv ratings and trouble for CEO Brian France, what does that mean for the sport?

"When you have problems, boom something comes in that you don't even know is coming and lifts the whole thing up," said Wheeler.

As a former track president, Wheeler has seen the highs and lows of the sport, leading him to believe NASCAR's brightest days are still ahead. Humpy predicts those better days include a sale, possibly to an international investor.

Any sale could lead to uncertainty for Charlotte as NASCAR's base.

"I talked to the governors office two weeks ago to talk about that cause we want to keep this sport here and if it does go overseas and it is bought out we are not going to have a lot of control of it," said Wheeler.

The France family remains in control, for now.

Jim France is the interim Chairman and CEO as his nephew, Brian, has taken an indefinite leave of absence following his arrest for DUI and possessing oxycodone.

"To get whacked like that for a guy running a major sport that's a tough deal and I wish the best for him," said Wheeler.

Does his future include returning as CEO? That remains up to the privately owned NASCAR to decide.

"Who knows what's going to happen, but usually the end result is not good for the person who got in that trouble," said Wheeler.

Prior to his arrest, Brian France said the sale of NASCAR was simply a rumor. The France family said they are committed to continuing to grow the sport.