Report: LSU's Joe Brady joining Panthers as offensive coordinator

One of the hottest names in college football is coming to the Carolinas to stand beside the Panthers new head coach Matt Rhule, sources say. 

The Panthers are expected to hire Joe Brady as their offensive coordinator. Brady was part of one of the strongest passing teams in college football with LSU.

With quarterback Joe Burrow, the team turned out of the single greatest quarterback seasons in college football with 5,671 yards by Burrow, 60 touchdown passes and just six interceptions. Burrow is expected to be a number one draft pick for the Cincinnati Bengals. 


Brady has two years of NFL experience. He spent two years with the Saints. 

The Panthers now have a first-year NFL coach with Rhule, a first-time defensive coordinator and one of the youngest first-time offensive coordinator. 

We don't know how the Panthers are going to perform next season, but one thing is for sure, we're looking at a brand new team.