Small Business is Behind Big Prints at Time Warner Cable Arena

A small business in Gastonia, North Carolina has made a big mark on a Center City staple. 

Employees at ImageMark have spent the past several months working around the clock, preparing Time Warner Cable Arena for basketball season.  The company printed about 30 signs and banners to hang inside and outside of the building, including larger-than-life photos of Hornets players.

"When we were awarded the business, it gave us a lot of enthusiasm to do it right the first time,” said Kaufman.  “The advantage that ImageMark has is the technology that we've purchased to make our work flow very fast and make sure our branding is spot on for the hornets."

"It ranks as one of the biggest [projects],” said Kathy Mayfew, Project Manager.  “We've done other sports.  We’re also honored to do The Checkers and The Knights.  But this is one of the largest because of the files."

Hornets Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the Charlotte Hornets, sent ImageMark files containing the graphics and then ImageMark would print them.  Some files were so large it would take up to four hours just to print a single one. 

"It has to be accurate in the measurements and you have to understand the surface you're applying it to,” said Kaufman.  “There's indoor and outdoor signage and have to apply appropriate substrates to make sure they apply to those surfaces."

After having contracted out of state, Fred Whitfield, president of Hornets Sports and Entertainment, decided this year it was time to partner with a local business for their branding needs.

"We depend on this community to be a successful franchise,” said Whitfield.  “We think it's not only important to be involved in the community but also to support local companies as they try to grow their business."

"We competed for the business and are very thankful to be awarded it and that we could do this work & have it showcased at the Time Warner Cable Arena that we could go in, take a look and say wow, we were a part of it,” said Mayfew.

According to Whitfield, more than a million visitors come through Time Warner Cable Arena annually for games and other events through, making it all-the-more important to update the arena with new signage every year.  However, this is the first time it's giving a local business the opportunity to do so.  The partnership is a multi-year deal but neither party would disclose for exactly how long.