Starr Proves Age is Nothing but a Number

CONCORD, NC – Age is nothing but a number, and Starr Kluttz, 52, of Rimertown intends to prove that at the end of the month at the Special Olympics World Games.

Earlier htis year Kluttz was chosen to compete in aquatics during the Special Olympic World Games, which take place from July 25th – August 2nd in Los Angeles California. She’s one of just 4 athletes from North Carolina going.

Since Starr was young, she’s been a natural in the water. “When we went to the beach one time, she was on the diving board, jumping off,” said Starr’s mother Sylvia Kluttz. “I yelled, and my son said she can swim. She knows how to swim. He taught her how to swim and I didn’t even know it”

In Starr’s more than 2 decades gliding through the water, she’s racked up over 100 medals. Now she has a chance at the big one in the World Games.

When the Rimertown resident, who works at McDonalds, isn’t at work, she’s in the water. The Concord Swim Club was gracious enough to allow her and her coach Mark Lambert to train outdoors in their pool.

“We just wanted her to get some experience working outside, because that’s where the competition is going to be,” said Lambert.

The two visit the pool three days a week to work on Starr’s strokes. She will compete in the 50 meter backstroke and 50 meter freestyle in LA.

Starr will not let anything stop her from achieving her dream, not her disability, not her age, not even the fact that she’s got a small rod in her back to help straighten her spine after being diagnosed with Scoliosis.

“I think it’s just marvelous that God has given us the strength to keep on going, and to watch over her and keep her safe,” said Sylvia.

Starr now has the chance to show that despite her age, she’s a star just starting to shine it’s brightest.