Steph Curry says his Warriors will lose before the Panthers

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Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is blatant with his loyalty to his hometown Carolina Panthers, so it should come as no surprise that the 2014-15 MVP envisions his favorite NFL team winning the Super Bowl while enjoying an impressive season.

The Warriors (20-0) and Panthers (11-0) are both undefeated, and with Curry in his hometown of Charlotte, N.C. to take on the Hornets, he was naturally asked a few questions about the Panthers' unbelievable start at Wednesday's shootaround.

When asked who was going to lose first, the Warriors or Panthers, Curry tried to stay diplomatic, but admitted that he feels the Warriors will ultimately drop one before the Panthers do -- with a caveat, via the San Francisco Chronicle:

“My answer to that is: Us, but not until like February. That means the Panthers get that Super Bowl win, and we make it through that. Throw Davidson in there, too. They’re 5-0.”

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