Thomas Davis speaks on Charlotte Protests

Carolina Panthers player Thomas Davis also spoke out individually about the protest in Charlotte at Thursday's presser.

"You know for me as an African American male to see this stuff going on, it's very disheartening, because you know one of the things I had to do yesterday as a parent, " Davis said.

Davis said he  had to go home and talk to his boys and watch the news and see what was going on, so he could explain to them that not all cops are bad cops. Just like cops out there have to realize that not all African American males are "hoodlums" or guys going out there and deliberately getting in trouble and doing things.

"I stand before you guys and I'm talking about this and I'm trying to explain it to my kids to understand that you know, police are here to protect and serve us and at the same time someone has to be held accountable for what's going on," Davis said.

Cam Newton spoke about the protests Wednesday. You can see that, here.