What we saw on day one of Panthers training camp

The crowds came from all over. Brien Blakely talked to some people who made the trek from Virginia. Bus loads of people came down from Charlotte. A vast majority of the Panthers fans from the Kick-Off Party at Panthers training camp are from Spartanburg. All of them knowing this very well could be the last training camp they see at Wofford College. For those here? They saw some things that we didn’t even think we would see during the team’s first official practice.


A day before camp began, head coach Ron Rivera said that they’d limit what Cam does and watch him closely. During the first day of camp, Cam Newton got everyone out of their seats as he threw a 40-yard touchdown pass to Curtis Samuel. Think about it.

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This is the first time in a long time, we’ve seen QB1 throw down field. While it’s only the first night of camp, Cam gave us reason to believe he’s healthy and ready to return to MVP form.


He was one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets and very soon he could be Cam’s as well. Wide receiver Chris Hogan was one of the first Panthers on the field Thursday night. During the 11-on-11 drills he was targeted a number of times, but nothing really downfield. Hogan did exactly what Norv Turner wants him to do, be the reliable receiver to make a short-to-mid-range catch. Don’t expect Hogan to reel in the long bomb this season because that’s not what he does. In the short glimpse we got we saw exactly what Hogan will be, a reliable threat.


Early in the first day of camp we asked Luke Kuechly who he thought would break out this year.

“Shaq,” said the longtime Panthers captain.

While there isn’t too much to report on the defense from Thursday night you can’t help but zero in on 54. Thomas Davis, the longest tenured Panther is gone. That means the shadow he cast over Shaq Thompson’s playing time is too. In a contract year, he needs to put up or shut up. If he wants to stay in Carolina (and get paid big time) this is his opportunity.

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