‘Will pass rush for hot wings': Former Mizzou defensive lineman wants a shot at Carolina

Jordan Harold says he slipped through the cracks. Now, the former Missouri football captain and defensive lineman is trying to get the attention of the Carolina Panthers in a bold way. 

On Monday, FOX 46 Sports Director Will Kunkel found Harold, who was wearing his college jersey, outside of Bank of America Stadium with a white, black and Carolina blue sign reading: “Will pass rush for hot wings.” 

Harold has been camping outside the Panthers player entrance all day with his sign, trying to get noticed. 

“I’ve had a long football career and I’m ready for it to keep going. I’m ready to move on to the next level,” Harold told FOX 46. 

The six-foot-two former Mizzou player was a walk on in 2015. He didn’t see any on-field action that year, but that quickly changed in the next season when he played in all 12 games, with his first start in September. 

By 2017, team officials were calling him a “versatile lineman who can contribute at end but who has the size to hold his ground on the inside if called upon.”  

“Walk on-> Starter -> Captain in 3 years,” Harold’s sign says. “#SignMe.” 

He says he’s just hoping for a shot, and he certainly found a creative way to ask for it. 

“I’ve been an underdog my entire football career. I know what it’s like to work hard, I know what it’s like to be a sixth string, I know what it’s like to work from the bottom to the top.” 

The Panthers now tell FOX 46 that Harold's contact info and background information has been passed on to our pro scouting department."

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