Make noise for healthcare workers

Facility Executive of Levine's Children's Hospital Callie Dobbins shares the details with Good Day Charlotte about how you can help support healthcare workers.

Panthers Game Day DJ

Vinny Espito, Carolina Panthers gameday DJ, talks about how the pandemic is affecting his business.

Smokers and the Coronavirus

Dr. Jonathan Winnickoff from Harvard Medical School talks to FOX 46 Brigida Mack about how smokers are more susceptible to the coronavirus. It's sponsored by The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Faith Matters: Keeping the faith

FOX 46 Anchor Jason Harper sits down with Reverend Dr. Terry Moore to talk about how people can keep the faith going in these difficult time.

Myths on the Coronvirus

There is some misinformation circling around regarding COVID-19. Dr. Genevieve Brauning breaks down some myths with FOX 46.