Coping with Tragedy

Good Day Anchors, Page Fehling and Jason Harper, talk with Licensed Professional Counselor, Charryse Johnson, about how to deal with loss when it comes to a friend or family member or an icon that has influenced your life, like the recent death of Kobe Bryant.

Botox 101

Good Day's Page Fehling talks with Dr. Bryan and Kara Criswell and Lauren Marshall about the popularity of botox and what you need to know before you go under the needle.

Super Bowl Food

Ernie's BBQ is in the Fox 46 Kitchen to show what food you should be thinking of when you throw your Super Bowl party.

People Magazine: Half Their Size

Good Day's Jason Harper and Page Fehling talk with Shelli Johnson about her weight loss journey that landed her on the cover of People Magazine's Half Their Size issue.

Ace No. 3

Good Day's Jamal Goss is in the kitchen with Andrew Chapman from Ace No. 3, cooking up their signature "Ace Burger."

Queen's Feast: Dunavant

Chef Travis Hearne from Dunavant joins Good Day Charlotte to talk about some great dishes on the menu for Feast Week.

Dr. Martez Prince

Dr. Martez Prince from Premier Pharmacy & Wellness Center talks about getting praise from Oprah and how he is getting results for the community.

Creating a Successful Podcast

Good Day's Page Fehling and Nick Kosir talk with Podcast Host, Wes Knight, and Wheelhouse Media's, Adam Colborne, about how to create a successful podcast.

Fran's Filling Station

Owner of Fran's Filling Station Fran Scibelli makes some mushroom risotto for Queen's Feast Restaurant Week.

Becoming a Cookie Boss

Good Day's Jason Harper, talks with 13-year-old Briana Vinson from Girl Scout Troop 875, about what she has learned from selling girl scout cookies.